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Panja Panjthani -The blessed Five members of the prophets family.. from Ajmer Sharif

This is Panja Panjthani- Meaning the blessed five.

​The blessed five are the Final Prophet (peace be upon them) and their immediate family

​Hz ALi ( KW), Hz Bibi Fatima (R.A), Hz Hassan R.A) , Hz Hussain (R.A)

​This is a Spiritual peripheral that we our self use for relieving people of ailments all over the world.. It is a very important part of our kit when we do spiritual work.

​It is a blessing to have in the home. It Rids ailments, Negativity, It Is supreme blessings of Panjthan pak.

Darbari Karah (Bangle) to protect children for Evil Sight and blessings from Ajmer Sharif

This is for Girls predominantly. It is to protect them from Evil sight and blessings.

Darbari Bracelet for Male or female for Good Luck in Seeking Marriage partner..From Ajmer Sharif Dargah

This is a Bracelet to be worn by both male or female. It is a blessed Bracelet for Good Luck and Blessings for those seeking Marriage Partner. This is a very effective and strong. Good Feedback from users have been received regularly. It is very attractive when worn.

Darbari Karah (Bangles ) From Ajmer Sharif to protect from Evil sight

This is a powerful bangle to be worn by both male and Female. It prevents Evil Sight. This is  Ajmer Sharif Darbari Kara (Bangle). The faithful and devotee’s wear this in their Right wrist to protect from Evil Sight ( Buri Nazar) & Negativity

Blessed Holy Scripture plates from Ajmer sharif to Rid Evil. To be nailed in home.  Blessed Holy Scripture plates from Ajmer sharif to Rid Evil. To be nailed in home. Pic 2

The Taweez is made by hand of gold colour plate and it is from Ajmer Sharif Dargah. It is very   powerful. It is to be kept at home by nailing to walls keep.It keeps house and the member of the household safe , and protects from evil sight, negative energy and black magic and reduces health problem.

Darbari Jewellery from Ajmer Sharif for blessings and Good Luck

Darbari Bracelet .. These are blessed Jewellery from Ajmer Sharif Dargah we often send these to Devotees, Faithful & Disciples all over the world as Taburakat  (Bleessed Gifts) from Ajmer Sharif Dargah.

Miniture Sword Pendants with " LA FATA ILLA ALI LA SAIF ILLA ZULFIKAR" Available from Ajmer sharif to rid Negative ailments.

This is a Brass miniature Sword shaped pendant with Arabic words of:
in the Chishty Niazi Sufi Silsila’s ( Order) this Pendant is worn on the Neck for protection from Evil sight (Kali Nazar) and to achieve success in life.
Due to sharp edges and size please keep away from children.
For further Sufi spiritual assessment or to receive a prescribed spiritual treatment for any ailment please see our website of : ajmergharibnawaz.com or contact us on [email protected]

We recommend when worn the pendant is wrapped in green cloth to avoid scratch injury to body due to sharp edges.
Please ensure respect is given to the product due to the sacred scripture inscribed on the product. Therefore avoid neglect and place in a respected manner if not wearing.
The pendant can be worn at all times during sleeping or during calls of nature & bathing.

Ajmer Sharif Payala (Bowl) with quranic scripts for drinking blessed water to rid ailments

These are plates with Holy Scripture written from the Holy Quran. Each plate has different Surah written. Such as Surah Yaseen, Aytul Kursi, The 4 Qul’s, Surah Fathia. These plates are used to consume water from. Blessed water drank from these plates rids ill Health, Negativity. This is another strong product that we always prescribe to patients since ancient history.

Darbari Surma (Eye Liner) from Ajmer Sharif DargahDarbari Kajal (Eye Liner) From Ajmer Sharif Dargah

This is Darbari Kajal for the Ladies. (EYE LINER)  & Surma

This has it’s own blessings for the eyes .. Effective Coolness to the eyes and ease of many eye ailments.

Darbari Gem stones from Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Sufi Darbari Gem stones & rings  are worn by the Faithful and stones have long been known to protect from various spiritual and health Ailments as well as positive effect on   Wealth & prosperity.

Sufi Gem stones as available from Ajmer Sharif Dargah stalls. You need to contact us to tell us which stone you would like. If you are unsure then we can do a Sufi spiritual assessment to find out the suitable stone for your self.
Please provide us with your Name,Age to the following email : [email protected]  we will then respond with the correct type of gem stone suitable for yourself in accordance to the Sufi Sphere of spiritualism.
The product is sold in Ajmer sharif Dargah stalls and Markets.

For further Sufi spiritual assessment or to receive a prescribed spiritual treatment for any ailment please see our website of : ajmergharibnawaz.com or contact us on [email protected]

Ajmer Sharif blessed String available free of any charge. Just contact us!

This is a blessed string from Ajmer Shairf. Many faithful and Devotees wear it for blessings and protection in their daily lives. Visitors to the shrine are all given a blessed string tied by a khadim (Attendant)  of the Dargah.

Sone Halwa from Ajmer Sharif Dargah

This product is a consumable product called Sone Halwa. This is a delicious food item. It is a novelty item from Ajmer sharif . Sone Halwa is made with dry food and Nuts. Different Varity are available. It is made with pure Ghee. Other type are Zafrani ..etc..etc.

​Many guests to AJmer sharif purchase this item to take back to give to loved one’s at home as gifts and presents.

​This is Free Niaz  from us… So if you require this item please let us know.

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