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We would like to make it clear that we are not selling these products nor are we in the business of retail. We are merely offering these products to world wide and unfortunate who can’t make it to Ajmer sharif for one reason or another.

​Therefore we purchase the items on your behalf , upon your order and send it to you.

​Therefore there is no price Tag on the items, just make us an offering of relative amount which in your opinion is correct large or small.

​  Please do understand that although we are Gaddi Nashin and Chief Moallim of Ajmer Dargah Sharif we do not own the stalls or the stock there.

Therefore the products may slightly vary from the photo shown since we select the best product for you from the markets of Ajmer Sharif . Therefore it is at times impossible for us to send you the exact product as in the photo.  However please be rest assured  that when we purchase the item on your behalf we thoroughly check the item to ensure it is spiritually effective and free from defects before we post them out to you.

​If you would like us to do a spiritual assessment on you, your family or friends and prescribe a treatment for their recovery for what ever ailment then ​Please  send us an email with full details on:  ajmerkhwaja@yahoo.com  or otherwise Contact us!

If you would like a gem stone and would like the correct type in accordance to the sufi way then please provide the

individual’s Name & Age to the following email : ajmerkhwaja@yahoo.com

we will then respond with the correct type of gem stone suitable for yourself in accordance to the Sufi Sphere of spiritualism.
The product is sold in Ajmer sharif Dargah stalls and Markets.

For further Sufi spiritual assessment or to receive a prescribed spiritual treatment for any ailment please see our website of : ajmergharibnawaz.com or contact us .


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